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3 Light Emitting Module / Traffic Light Module


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موديل LEDs ثلاثي يحتوي على ثلاثة ليدات بثلاثة الوان على شكل إشارة مرور، اللون الأصفر والأخضر والاحمر، تشترك جميعها عن طريق الـ Cathode ويمكن التحكم بتشغيل وأطفاء كل واحد منها بشكل مباشر كأي LED ويمكن ايضاً التحكم بشدة الاضاعة باستخدام تقنية الـ PWM من خلال أي متحكم مثل الاردوينو.

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3 Light Emitting Module / Traffic Light Module

This is a mini-traffic light display module, high brightness, very suitable to produce traffic light system model.



  • Small size. 56x21x11mm
  • Simple wiring.
  • Targeted.
  • Custom installation.


Size: 56x21x11mm
Color: Red, Yellow, green
LED: 5mm
Brightness: Ordinary brightness
Voltage: 5V
Input: Digital signal output
Interface: Common cathode, red and yellow green control Individually
Operating current: Red 13mA; Yellow 13mA; Green 25mA


Use manual:
– It just supports controller to control.
– Input High or Low level from controller to make LEDs ON or OFF.
– It can be controlled by PWM too.


– Analog traffic signal system
– Teaching demonstration
– Indication sign
– Light alarm system


Frequency asked questions:
Q\ Does it work with 3.3V or 5V?
A\ It can work with 3.3V and 5V.
Q\ Is it RGB?
A\ No, Each LED lamp can only emit one color of light.
Q\ Can 3 LEDs be illuminated at the same time?
A\ Yes, it can. It can be controlled by yourself.


Package Includes:
1 x 3 Light Emitting Module / Traffic Light Module

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