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Raspberry Pi Measure, Record, Explore


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الرازبيري باي نستخدمة كسيرفر وقاعدة بيانات؟ ونعرف بيه مواقع الكترونية؟ لا وبعد هم ناخذ قراءات الحساسات ونجمعها بقواعد البيانات ونعرضها على صفحات الانترنت.

هل فكرت فيما سبق لك أن أردت معرفة المزيد عن العالم الحقيقي من خلال قياسه؟ يهدف هذا الكتاب إلى تعلم كيفية قياس المعلومات وتسجيلها وتقديمها بيانياً بشكل مرئي على صفحة ويب بأستخدام الرازبيري باي.

الكتاب هو دليل لتبدأ إذا لم تكن متأكدًا من كيفية القيام بالخطوة الأولى ، فأن الكتاب يشبه القصة لأنه يقود القارئ من خلال أساسيات استخدام Raspberry Pi والاتصال بأجهزة الاستشعار، وتسجيل المعلومات في قاعدة بيانات MySQL وتقديم تلك البيانات على صفحة ويب باستخدام d3.js. كنتيجة لذلك ، فإن تعلم كيفية عمل الأشياء الرائعة باستخدام Raspberry Pi وانشاء سيرفر للجمع المعلومات وعرضها وتسجيله.

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Raspberry Pi Measure, Record, Explore

Getting the real world to meet the digital one…

Ever wanted to know more about the real world by measuring it? This book is aimed at getting you started measuring and recording information and presenting it graphically on a web page.
‘Raspberry Pi: Measure, Record, Explore’ is a book written to help those who want to get started interfacing computers with the physical world and turning recorded information into visual data.

Is this book an official Raspberry Pi product?
Nope. The Raspberry Pi Foundation is not involved in the production of the book. However, any and all readers should regard raspberrypi.org as the starting point for information on using and enjoying the fantastic products they are producing. They really are awesome and deserving of the success that is the Raspberry Pi.

Is this book for you?
It’s not written for experts. It’s put together as a guide to get you started if you’re unsure about how to make the first move. It reads more like a story as it leads the reader through the basics of using a Raspberry Pi, connecting sensors, recording information into a MySQL database and presenting that data on a web page using d3.js.
As a result, learning how to do cool stuff with a Raspberry Pi means that I’m accumulating ways to help me out when the going gets tricky. Making a book out of the information is a no-brainer since that way more people benifit from the process.
So here we are! A collection of tips and tricks for measuring, recording and exploring information written by a noob for people who might consider that they’re in the same situation.

Author: Malcolm Maclean
Printing Type: High Quality, Colored
Number of Pages: 342 pages

About the Author
I have a passion for knowledge and I realize that part of the responsibility of gathering knowledge is being able to advance the state of the human condition in some way.
My aims using the Raspberry Pi and in writing this book were to play with software and hardware, achieve a personal goal and try something new for fun. It also helps that I think recording and the visual representation of data rock in serious ways. I don’t have a formal Linux or coding background so the way I explain things is focused on trying to impart that understanding in a simple but functional way.

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  • Author: Malcolm Maclean
  • Printing Type: High Quality, Colored
  • Number of Pages: 342 pages

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