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Flame Sensor Module


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حساس الحريق (يتحسس اللهب) يستعمل لأكتشاف الحرائق وفي روبوتات اطفاء او انذار الحريق وفي اجهزة الحماية المنزلية والانذار الخاصة بالحرائق، يمكن استخدامه مع كافة المتحكمات مثل الاردوينو والرازبيري باي ويتميز بانه ممكن ان يعطي اشارة تماثلية او رقمية في نفس الوقت.

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Flame Sensor Module

This module is sensitive to the flame, but also can detect ordinary light. Usually used as a flame alarm. On board, digital output interface can be directly connected with the microcontroller IO.

Sensitive to flame spectrum
– Used wide range voltage comparator IC LM393
– Adjustable sensitivity
– Signal output indicator
– Sensor for flame wavelengths between 760 nm to 1100 nm infrared.
– 60 degree detection sensor
– AO: analog output, real-time output voltage signal on the thermal resistance;
– DO: when the temperature reaches a certain threshold, the output high and low signal threshold adjustable via potentiometer;

– Fire detection
– Fire fighting robot
– Fire alarm

How to use it in the case of working with a MCU?
1) VCC 3.3V ~ 5.5V
2) GND power supply ground
3) AOUT MCU.IO (analog output)
4) DOUT MCU.IO (digital output)

Package includes:
1 X Flame Sensor Module

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Voltage (Min) 3.3V
Voltage (Max) 5.5V
Output Voltage No
Power No
Current NA
Frequency No
Load Cell (kg) No
Output Type Digital and Analog
Range 760nm ~ 1100nm
Temperature Range (Min) -25°C
Temperature Range (Max) 85°C
Operating System N/A
Baud Rate N/A
Interface N/A
Num of Pin’s 4
Diameter NA
Size 2.92cm X 1.2cm

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