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A4 Heat Transfer Sheet


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ورق النقل الحراري بحجم A4 يستخدم مع الطابعات الليزرية لنقل الطباعة الى سطح اخر باستخدام الحرارة (حرارة مكواة الملابس على سبيل المثال) حيث يعتبر من انجح وأسرع الطرق لطباعة بوردات الـ PCB ونقل الرسوم الى الملابس وغيرها من التطبيقات الاخرى. يمكن طباعة الدائرة على هذا الورق وبعدها وضعه على بورد الـ PCB ووضع المكواة عليه لنقل مخطط الدائرة عليه وبعدها اجراء الخطوات الكيميائية اللاحقة علما ان المواد الكيميائية جميعها متوفرة في متجرنا.

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A4 Heat Transfer Sheet

This transfer paper is only suitable for laser printers. Please pay attention when printing and remember to choose laser printers.

The production of printed circuit boards is often a headache for electronic enthusiasts. In order to make a printed circuit board, many electronic enthusiasts often use amateur production methods such as paint tracing board, knife carving, and adhesive paste. It is slow and difficult to produce high-quality printed circuit boards. The production of printed circuit boards has even become a “blocker” for many beginners to enter the electronic palace.
The thermal transfer method is used to make the circuit board, which is to print the drawn circuit board pattern on the thermal transfer paper by a laser printer, and then cover the copper-clad board with the transfer paper, and heat it to make the melted toner completely adsorb on the coating. On the copper plate, after cooling, tear off the transfer paper, you can see that the circuit board graphic has been transferred to the copper clad plate. The black anti-corrosion layer is the PCB graphic we want, and it is finally corroded, namely We can get the PCB board we want.

1. Use a laser printer to print the circuit board circuit diagram on the glossy surface of the thermal transfer paper;
2. Use a plate making machine to adjust to 150-180 degrees Celsius, and apply the side of the thermal transfer paper with the circuit diagram to the copper-clad plate for transfer; you can also use an electric iron instead of the plate making machine for manual transfer;
3. After printing, remove the transfer paper, and put the copper-clad board into the ferric chloride solution for corrosion;
4. Finally, use gasoline to clean the toner on the circuit board, or rinse off the toner in water with abrasive paper.
5. The beautiful PCB is finished like this

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1 x A4 Heat Transfer Sheet

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